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commissions will most likely open again after UBcon (april 11-13) I'll be in the Vendor's Room doing same-day-pickup/accepting cash for commissions if you happen to be attending!

Prices (in $USD) 

Think of this price list like a menu in a restaurant, there are all sorts of "extras" (fancier backrounds, more characters) you could add to your order (for a small extra charge :'D), OR even make requests that could give you a DISCOUNT on the base price, like requesting simpler hard-edged shading (like that Link headshot 2nd row down), over my fancier(more time-consuming) fully rendered painting style (like the Ash and Gary headshots)

just ask! even if something isn't listed :)


With most digital commissions I go for desktop wallpaper level size and resolution, so that the digital file I'm giving you will at least have some sort of actual function. If you have another use in mind, let me know so I can tailor everything to that!

Tablet Scribble

-$1.50 or 80 points
(this is the ONLY sort of commission I'll accept points for! Because I can't heat my house with DApoints :C)
A VERY fast and messy lil doodle, that's why they're so cheap….
Lilly scribblecommish by Scribblekin Fly by Scribblekin Fairytale Mew by Scribblekin Birthday by Scribblekin

Headshot (Full Color)

-$15 single character
(additional characters $3 each)
Buddies (take 2) by ScribblekinGary/Shigeru Trainer Portrait by Scribblekin Derp by Scribblekin Snarly-Joe headshot by ScribblekinLink by Scribblekin

Full Body minimal background

Lines-$10 up to 2 full figures,
Additional characters -$8 each
monster mash- lines by Scribblekin From the Town of Pallet... by Scribblekin

Full Color/Shading- $25 Up to 2 full figures,
Additional characters-$10 each
Commission: They'll be alright by Scribblekin Twitchy Red by Scribblekin Personalized WoW Portrait by Scribblekin Commission -Dane and Fezzik by Scribblekin Year of the Mustache by Scribblekin

Fully Rendered Scene

–Prices vary on case by case basis
ER DTKN138 Illu 3 by Scribblekin Fanfare of the Heart Cover by Scribblekin secret santa for Hale by Scribblekin


Work will be done on 9x12 Vellum (other sizes or mediums can be discussed though ^_^)

(prices DO NOT include shipping, which will vary based on your location (most shipments within the USA would cost about 5$, international can easily get past the 20$ range). If you don't wish to have an original shipped to you, I suggest getting a digital commission ^^' My 'digital photo taking of traditional works' set-up is atrocious right now.)


fanbot? by Scribblekin Dragon dog-thing by Scribblekin Orochimaru loves you by Scribblekin Hand study by Scribblekin


-$15 up to two full figures (or headshots, or any thing you'd like ^_^)
Additional Characters- $8 each
Disfunctional Wuv by ScribblekinNice to meet you-Oh. you've gone insane. by Scribblekin fairy by Scribblekin

Colored Pencil

- $25 up to two full figures (or headshots, or any thing you'd like ^_^)
Additional Characters- $10 each
Baron by ScribblekinYumi by Scribblekingoth boy by Scribblekin


- Prices vary; These can also take much longer than a drawing to complete. Everything can be discussed through notes or email.
Rocket Logo Scarf by ScribblekinHarry Potter Scarf by Scribblekin Phantom of the Opera Scarf by Scribblekin Lucas Scarf by Scribblekin


leagal-ish policy-type section

You can contact me about a commission idea by commenting on this journal, sending a note, or through my E-mail at (just make sure to put something in the subject so I knows you're not a virus infested bot!)

Simply messaging me does NOT mean you're in a binding contract of getting a commission from me, it means you're interested. I like to fully discuss your idea, and confirm with you what the price for your particular request would be, and if you decide to accept that and pay it THEN you have ordered a commission and have a slot up above.
It is 100% OK to approach me for an estimate for something you have in mind, but aren't ready to put the money down for yet. Again, it is OK to just talk to me about an idea, I will not be angry if you choose not to place an order later ^_^ just be aware that I am not always accepting commissions at all times, and you may have to wait a good while when you do want to place the order some time in the future.

Please allow about 2 weeks for a commission to be completed, If you're hoping for a commission to be done by a certain date please tell me before I accept it!
I can't start working until I have received payment, and I have any references that I may need from you

Payment- I prefer Paypal, but I can involve Storenvy for you to use a credit card/provide you with the security involving a third party might give. I only accept DApoints on tablet scribbles.

As far as subject matter, I will draw almost anything, Fan-art, OCs, whatever you fancy. I do feel that my own strengths are in depicting people and animals, compared to say...complicated machinery, but I'm willing to try anything
Gore is 100% ok
"Adult" Themes- I'll say first that I won't be doing anything hardcore graphic, but everybody has their own preferences and opinions on where that line is, so honestly just ask. I won't judge anybody and I won't go bad talking you about it either. I might say no of course, but I won't be disrespectful about it.

I WON'T accept a commission I feel is beyond my current skillset.
I really like to thoroughly discuss someone's idea (before payment) to really get a good understanding of what they're looking for, and more importantly that it's something I feel I can create for them with enough quality worth being paid for.

I can't do refunds, it's too easy for someone to duplicate the digital image I send them and throw a fake fit to try to get free art :C
However, while working I'll send at least the beginning sketch as a WIP to be sure that things are developing in the way you were hoping, and I'm willing to do revisions at that time.


You may repost the image on DA (say as a devID) provided you credit me and link back to my page
You may NOT: alter the image, remove my signature, or attempt to profit from the image in any way.

I will usually post the image on my own DApage as an example of commissions I offer. Please be sure to tell me if this bothers you or if you'd rather your name not be mentioned.

I will NOT try to profit from images of characters you designed (OCs), cause that's scummy.
Feel free to ask about anything I didn't mention in my textwall! :D
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not-so-recently graduated college w/ Art Edu degree.
Currently in that flailing about period of life (which I'm not certain ever truly ends)


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